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    Jaroslav Kral and Antonin Prochazka in Spilberk Castle

    During a recent visit to the Czech Republic I visited the modern art exhibition at Spilberk Castle in Brno. The majority of the paintings were from Jaroslav Kral (1883-1942) and Antonin Prochazka (1882-1945), two painters born in the city, who were working on the borders between expressionism, cubism and naive art. Not much is available about them online and in English.  Until I can find more, I’ll let the paintings below speak for themselves. Jaroslav Kral Jaroslav Kral died in 1942 in Auschwitz. His work is reminiscent of early cubism and Diego Rivera. Antonin Prochazka Died in 1945. Reminds me of Henri Rousseau, though he claimed more inspiration from Edvard Munch. Linka Prochazka Linka…

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    Chateau De Noisy, Belgium

    The Chateau de Noisy, in Celles, Belgium, was built in 1866 for the Liedekerke-Beaufort family. The chateau was converted to an orphanage after World War II, then abandoned in 1980. More photographs here. A google image search works well too.  

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    San Juan Bautista (instagram)

    The only 18th century church in continuous use in California.  One sign explains that the original church was used for a basketball court at one point, before being turned back into a chapel. There is supposedly good food in the surrounding area. In related news. Vertigo beat out Citizen Kane in the most recent Sight & Sound best films list.