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    Music for the Weekend: Mamer and Iz

    Mamer is a Kazakh musician born in the Xinjiang province of Western China, and primarily residing in Beijing. His first album was fairly recognizable, if exceptional, world music. With his second album he became more experimental, mixing traditional Kazakh rhythms with experimental industrial music, prominently taking inspiration from Einsturzende Neubauten. Below is a song I recorded at the release party for his second CD in Beijing, followed by a televised recording of his earlier work.

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    Welcome to Imaginary Birds

    Welcome to the first post for Imaginary Birds. A culture blog of sorts. This blog was started, as I assume most things like this are, because I was having trouble finding an online space that covers the sort of art and music I like. So I decided to try myself to put the effort into publishing information on the wide variety of things which I feel fit in with a certain idea of what art should be, and hopefully in the meantime promote some artists that I like. Please feel free to contact me at info@imaginarybirds.com.