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    There is a Velasquez exhibit in Paris that I want to go to. You don’t have to go anywhere to see the Rijksmuseum. A play written in 16th-century English, is being performed in mixed Albanian and Serbian. On April 23, the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers is hosting a number of book fairs around the world. I’m not sure why… but will probably go anyways Sa Chen is playing Rachmaninov at the San Francisco Symphony on the same day.

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    Breval, Campioni and the Vivaldi Project

    On February 6, we attended a concert of The Vivaldi Project, a DC-based Early Music quartet centered on Elizabeth Field on violin, and Stephanie Vial on Cello (Both women have extensive educational material related to Baroque music on Youtube). The show was focused on 18th century string trios, our favorite of which were pieces by Jean-Baptiste Breval (1753-1823) and Carlos Antonio Campioni (1720-1788). Breval’s trio stood out the most among the set of seven played that night. Breval was a professional cellist active in the musical life of Paris during its most exciting half century (the theatre he worked in was a meeting place for counter-revolutionaries during the French Revolution). His trios…

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    Spirits of the Red City

    Spirits of the Red City played San Jose last night (8/14/2012), and are playing San Francisco tomorrow (8/16/2012). Then Berkeley on Saturday (8/18/2012). The band sits somewhere between the music playing in the hotel at the end of the world, and the angry shouting of a schizophrenic lost in the wilderness of Montana. They are almost certainly the soundtrack to a Denis Johnson book. Needless to say, it’s very good. .  

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    17th San Francisco Silent Film Festival

    I spent the end of the week at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, which is, as far as I understand it, the largest silent movie event in the United States. The program covered four days, and I ended up seeing eleven movies, one lecture, and a number of Felix the cat cartoons. The festival does a remarkable job of both brining in the best possible accompaniment, and keeping the audience up to date on the latest news in what is actually a full blown industry attempting to keep silent movies alive. And with that came both good news and bad news.  The opening night movie was the recent $700,000…