Clara Bow in Wings There are two really good reasons to see Wings.

1. Clara Bow is in it for short periods of time, wearing an adorable army outfit…. and sometimes nothing.

2. World War I planes crashing.

The presence of a young Gary Cooper for 10 seconds has also been known to impress the ladies.

I generally hesitate to go see it when it’s on though, because all of that is wrapped with a drawn out melodramatic plot, that prominently features a very gratingĀ Buddy Rogers.

Seeing it at the Silent Movie Festival gave me some more appreciation for the film though. The restoration, which I mentioned yesterday, was beautiful. Particularly appreciated was the color restoration on the flight sequences. As well as some of the very nice images of some very pretty people. The film was also done with sound effects, and though there were some detractors in the audience (the propellor sounds were annoying), the sound effects were similar to those performed during the original release in 1928, and overall it added to the experience.

During the lecture that was given on the restoration, they also showed a number of clips from the fight sequences that really drove home how well those sequences were put together. The pacing can seem quite slow at times, but when you see one of the planes falling from the air until it smashes on the ground, it is simply thrilling. Particularly with Clara Bow jumping up and down cheering the boys on.

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