The leech-child

Descending from the heavens to this island, they erected a heavenly pillar and a spacious palace.

At this time Izanagi-no-mikoto asked his spouse Izanami-no-mikoto, saying:

“How is your body formed?”

She replied, saying:

“My body, formed though it be formed, has one place which is formed insufficiently.”

Then Izangi-no-mikoto said:

“My body, formed though it be formed, has one place which is formed to excess. Therefore, I would like to take that place in my body which is formed to excess and insert it into that place in your body which is formed insufficiently, and thus give birth to the land. How would this be?”

Izanami-no-mikoto replied saying:

“That will be good.”

Then Izangi-no-mikoto said:

Then let us, you and me, walk in a circle around this heavenly¬†pillar and meet and have conjugal intercourse.”

After thus agreeing, Izanagi-no-mikoto then said:

“You walk around from the right, and I will walk around from the left and meet you.”

After having agreed to this, they circled around; then Izanami-no-mikoto said first:

“Ana-ni-yasi, how good a lad!”

Afterwards, Izanagi-no-mikoto said:

“Ana-ni-yasi, how good a maiden!”

After each had finished speaking, Izanagi-no-mikoto said to his spouse:

“It is not proper that the woman speak first.”

Nevertheless, they commenced procreation and gave birth to a leech-child. They place this child into a boat made of reeds and floated it away.

Next, they gave birth to the island of Apa. This also is not reckoned as one of their children.

-The Kojiki, Chapter 4

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